All About The Opposite Sex
Syndicated, June 18, 1990 - August 17, 1990
Run time
30 Minutes
David Sparks
Larry Van Nuys
Santa Fe Communications Studio, Los Angeles, California

All About the Opposite Sex was a game show where members of the opposite sex competed for one whole week.

Game FormatEdit

On this show, seven men & seven women selected from the studio audience competed for the entire week to see who knows more about the opposite sex. In addition, 50 members of the studio audience (25 for each sex) acted as the voting group for certain questions.

Round 1Edit

In the first round, two questions with three possible answers (one for each team) focusing on certain situations were asked. The team in control and the 50 members of the voting group all voted on whatever answer they choose. Then one member of the opposing team tried to predict what they voted. A correct prediction scored one point for each member of the voting audience & voting team who had the correct answer. Plus a snippet of an interview with a member of the voting team was shown. A correct match to that player doubled the team's score.

Round 2Edit

In round two, one player from the guessing team tried to predict which member of the opposing team is part of the majority of voters who voted on the same answer to an all new question. A correct prediction doubled the predicting team's score.

Round 3Edit

In the final round of the game, two final situations (one for each team) were asked, only this time they each had two possible answers, and one member from the predicting team tried to guess how the majority of the voters answered. Again, a correct answer doubled the predicting team's score. The team with the most points won the game and $1,000.

Since both teams competed for the whole week, one team could walk away with up to $5,000.


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All About The Opposite Sex

All About The Opposite Sex

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