Hollywood's Talking
Hollywood's Talking Alt Logo
CBS Daytime, March 26, 1973 - June 22, 1973
Run time
30 Minutes
Geoff Edwards
Johnny Jacobs
Studio 31, CBS Television City, Los Angeles, California

Hollywood's Talking was a game show.

Game FormatEdit

In this game, three contestants viewed videos of famous celebrities, all of them talking about different subjects, and the contestants had to buzz-in and identify what subject they were talking about. Correct answers won money for the players according to how long the video was played, while incorrect answers disqualified a contestant from answering for the remainder of that round. The value of each round started at $150, and decreased by $50 for every 1/3 of videotape it took to take a guess. The first player to reach $200 won the game. All players kept their money.

Short SubjectsEdit

The winner played "Short Subjects", in which 15-second videotapes of celebrities were shown one by one. Unlike the main game, there was no penalty for an incorrect answer, and contestants could buzz-in and answer as much as they wanted on each clip. Each correct answer won the same amount of money won in the main game (there was no penalty for an incorrect answer), and solving five subjects won an extra $1,000.

Later in the run, Short Subjects was eliminated in favor of giving contestants who won three consecutive games a new car and a handful of cash; however, the car was not won until the final week of the series.

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Hollywood's Talking ticket & contestant plug, 1973

Hollywood's Talking ticket & contestant plug, 1973

Hollywood's Talking - Premiere (3 26 73)

Hollywood's Talking - Premiere (3 26 73)

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