CBS Primetime, March 7, 1984 – July 21, 1984
Run time
30 Minutes
Lila Kaye (as Renate Malone)
Randee Heller (as Connie Malone Karamkopoulos)
Evan Richards (as Frankie Karamkopoulos)
Don Amendolla (as Dino Forresti)
Raymond Singer (as Padre Guardiano)
Sam Anderson (as Stanley)

Mama Malone was a short-lived sitcom that centered around Renate Malone, the host of a cooking show titled "Cooking with Mama Malone", which aired live from her apartment in Brooklyn, New York.


The series' main character was Renate Malone (surname rhymed with "baloney") an Italian-America woman married to an Irish-American man (never seen in the series) thus the unusual pronunciation of her married name. She was the hostess of a home cooking show called Cooking with Mama Malone that was telecast live from her fourth-floor apartment in a Brooklyn tenement. Each episode began with her instructing her viewers to chop onions no matter what the recipe, and the recipe never were completed because a parade of characters kept popping in to interrupt her and eat up the show's time.

Initially, the show was scheduled to premiere in the fall of 1982, but was pushed back a season and a half. The series was reminiscent of another ethnically-based series, The Goldbergs the iconic radio and TV show written by and starring Getrude Goldberg as a New York City resident of European Jewish descent that played on ethno-religious neighborhoods populated by immigrant groups. Among the good-natured stereotypes on Mama Malone was Padre Guradiano, an Italian-American Catholic priest who wound up gasping for breath each time he climbed the steep stairs to her apartment.

List of EpisodesEdit

Pilot (March 7, 1984)
The Commitment (March 14, 1984)
Connie's Old Flame (March 21, 1984)
Father Romeo (April 4, 1984)
The Education of Frankie (April 18, 1984)
Karamakopolous and Son (April 25, 1984)
A New Neighbor (June 9, 1984)
Shall We Dance? (June 16, 1984)
Even Dino Gets the Blues (June 23, 1984)
Connie's Move (June 30, 1984)
Dino's Fan (July 7, 1984)
A Call from the Vatican (July 14, 1984)
Back to Basics (July 21, 1984)


Mama Malone was poorly received critically and by audience, owing to the characters drawing accusations of being stereotypical and Kaye (who was British) actually being miscasted as an Italian-American.

The show has premiered in the spring of 1984, but it lasted for no longer than thirteen episodes (whose titles are given above) and was cancelled in the summer of 1984.


MAMA MALONE opening credits CBS Sitcom

MAMA MALONE opening credits CBS Sitcom