Tic Tac Dough 1950a
NBC Daytime, July 30, 1956 - October 23, 1959; NBC Primetime, September 12, 1957 - December 29, 1958
Run time
30 Minutes
Daytime: Jack Barry, Gene Rayburn, Bill Wendell
Primetime: Jay Jackson, Win Elliott
Bill Wendell, Bill McCord, Johnny Olson
Ziefeld Theater, Colonial Theater, NBC Studio 6B, New York City, New York

Tic Tac Dough was a game show where contestants play tic-tac-toe, trivia style.

Game FormatEdit

Two contestants, one a returning champion playing "X", the other the challenger playing "O", faced a tic-tac-toe style game board. On the board are nine categories in nine boxes. The contestants in turn picked a category, then the host asked a question under that category. A correct answer won the box by placing his/her symbol in it, an incorrect answer meant the box remained unclaimed. After each turn (originally after each round), categories shuffled to different positions. The object of the game was to place three Xs or Os in a row, either across (horizontally), up and down (vertically), or diagonally. Along the way, correct answers also added money the pot. In the daytime run, the outside boxes were worth $100, while the center box was worth $200. In the nighttime run, the outside boxes were worth $300, while the center box was worth $500. The questions in the center box were tougher; in fact they were all two-parters, and the player in control was given extra time to think it over. The first player to get tic-tac-dough won the game, became Tic Tac Dough champion and took all the money in the pot. If the game ended in a tie (eight boxes for both players with no chance for a win, or the board was completely filled-up), a brand-new game was played and the pot continued growing from the last total amount from the previous game. Challengers ("O" players) won money for each tie should he/she lose.

Champions from this version can decide to either continue playing or retire from the show. If the challenger won, the money in the pot was taken out of the former champion's grand total, potentially leaving the former champion with nothing. Losing challengers won $100 for each tie game.


International VersionsEdit

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